Every guardrail installed
by us on the roads
means safe
journeys for you

Parapet Services

The safety systems installed by us on the roads in the country or in the rest of Europe have been protecting drivers against accidents for years. They are those metal protective barriers installed on lane separation roads, such as those on the highway, or on the side of the road, designed to prevent cars from veering off the road.

As general contractors, we design, develop, and implement road safety solutions on motorways and expressways. We use equipment and technologies at the highest quality standards and rely on a portfolio of dozens of road safety projects carried out in the country or in other European states such as Germany.

✓ Consultancy in choosing types of guardrails
✓ Supplying guardrails according to current regulations
✓ Installation of safety guardrails
✓ Road safety audit
✓ Carrying out maintenance works
✓ Equipment rental

Types of equipment

We install protection equipment on motorways, lane separation, or roadsides to prevent vehicles from veering off the road. . In the first case, respectively, for the protection installed between traffic lanes, we use metal or reinforced concrete materials. We also use wood for the roadside protection structure to protect the environment and cover the safety needs of the road.


The performance of road-mounted systems is fundamental to the safety of road users. For this, we have road safety auditors certified by the authority in the field, having RAL Vehicle Restraint Systems and EN1317 standards.

We check the designs and the correct placement of safety systems according to obstacles and black dots in the studied area.