We do sustainable constructions
due to the technical expertise
carried out by our engineers

Parapet Services

We provide structural design services for industrial constructions and photovoltaic or hybrid parks (PV-Eolian-with Storage) and geotechnical engineering services that include field investigations, studies, and geotechnical design. Our engineers perform traction and compression tests, by designing and building equipment adapted to the requirements of the beneficiaries.

We carry out technical expertise with the help of our colleagues, certified experts, and complete reports, based on written and drawn documents. Structural calculations are performed in 3D (Robot Structural Analysis).

Traction and
compression tests

One of the first and most important steps in achieving a new, sustainable construction is that of traction and compression tests. We provide complex technical solutions to meet the requirements of the specification and with equipment adapted to the needs of the field.
Such work requires engineers with expertise in the field and advanced technology. We have both!

We provide :

✓ Site visit
✓ Calibration of beating machines
✓ Beating pillars
✓ Simulations adapted to the requirements of the contractor’s specification (freeze-thaw cycles, heavy rainfall, etc.)
✓ Actual testing and data collection
✓ Bringing the soil to its original conditions
✓ Recycling of used materials
✓ Data processing and interpretation

Structural engineering

Whether you want to build a solar panel park, a mixed power plant or an industrial building, its design involves conforming a structural system to a specification. In the end, the construction must have a solid structure, regardless of the factors acting on it – earthquakes, strong wind, snow, heavy rainfall, etc.

Our structural engineers have the ability to understand all these complex phenomena, simulate and quantify them through tests, mathematical calculations and innovative methods.

We provide :

✓ Structural Design
✓ Technical verifications and expertise